Social and Occupational Portraits | Corporate and Event Photographer
Digital Creator | Social Media Management | Gear Aficionado

Meet Steve

I have been enjoying many aspects of photography for over 15 years.  I feel photography plays an integral role in everyone’s life by allowing us to capture moments and keep them forever.  These moments can be the smallest chance occurrences to the largest lifetime events.  Photography also allows us to learn about businesses in a more personal manner by allowing us to peak into their establishments and offices.  We can see the hard working individuals and teams responsible for their success, and also help grow their success. My wife would be remiss with me, if I didn’t mention how photography also allows us to capture our furry family members and carry their memories with us for our lifetimes.

Photography is a way to celebrate, grow and remember our lives. 

Professionally, I would be honored to help you capture the important things and times in your life.  Bookings are available for:

  • Social Portraits
  • Corporate and Occupational Portraits
  • Group Outings and Events
  • Food / Plating Photography
  • Pet Photography 
  • Business Social Media Photography, Digital Creation, and Account Management
  • Private Photography Lessons


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